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1.00. Let NOTICE be issued to the respondents returnable on 24/07/2019. 2.00. Having heard Mr. Nachiket Dave, the learned counsel appearing for the writ applicant and having gone through the materials on record, we are of the view that the writ applicant has been able to make out a strong prima facie case to have some interim order in his favour. 3.00. Till the next returnable date, no coercive action or any coercive steps shall be taken by the authorities against the w...
1. Rejoinder affidavit filed today is taken on record. 2. Principally, the petitioner has been forced to file the present writ petition before this Court because the Union and State have collectively failed thus far to constitute the GST Tribunal which was their solemn duty under the GST Act, 2017. Owing to such failure on the part of the Central and the State Government, a large number of litigants are being forced to file similar writ petitions before this Court. Such petitions are neit...


(Gujarat High Court | Jul 17, 2019)

RULE, returnable on 24/07/2019. It is pointed out by Mr. Sheth, the learned counsel appearing for the writ applicant that the truck and the goods came to be seized on 15/05/2019. He further pointed out that within two days thereafter his client deposited an amount of ₹ 2,95,092/- towards the tax and penalty. Mr. Sheth also pointed out that in the case on hand, the authorities concerned straightway invoked section 130 of the GST Act and have initiated confiscation proceedings. The larger...
1 Let Notice be issued to the respondents, returnable on 28th August 2019. 2 Having heard Mr. S.N. Soparkar, the learned senior counsel appearing for Mr. Amar N. Bhatt, the learned counsel for the writ applicants and having gone through the materials on record, we are of the view that the writ applicants have been able to make out a strong prima facie case to have an adinterim order in terms of para 7.0 (B) (iii). We, accordingly, grant such relief. 3 The responden...


(Authority for Advance Ruling, Karnataka | Jul 16, 2019)

1. M/s. Toolcomp Systems Private Limited, #14-B, KIADB Industrial Area, 2nd Phase, Kumbalagodu, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore - 560 074, is a registered private limited company bearing GSTIN number 29AACCT2521L1Z8, filed an application for Advance Ruling under Section 97 of CGST Act, 2017, KGST Act, 2017 read with Rule 104 of CGST Rules, 2017 & KGST Rules, 2017, in form GST ARA-01 discharging the fee of ₹ 5,000/ - each under the CGST Act and the KGST Act, 2017. 2. The Applicant is a Priv...
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(Authority for Advance Ruling, Andhra Pradesh | Jul 16, 2019)

ORDER (Under sub-section (4) of section 98 of Central Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 and under sub- section (4) of Section Pradesh Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017) 1. The present application has been filed u/s 97 of the Central Goods & Services Tax Act, 2017 and AP Goods & Services Tax Act, 2017 (hereinafter referred to as CGST Act and APGST Act respectively) by M/S PKR Projects and Engineers, (hereinafter referred to as applicant), registered under the Goods & Services ...
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1. The petitioner challenges the vires of Section 6(1) of the Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017. The said provision reads as follows:- “6. Authorisation of officers of State tax or Union territory tax as proper officer in certain circumstances.-(1). Without prejudice to the provisions of this Act, the officers appointed under the State Goods and Service Tax Act or the Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act are authorised to be the proper officers for the purposes of this Act, subj...
ORDER Ms.J.Arasi Ponmalar learned counsel on record for writ petitioner and Mr.V.Sundareswaran, learned Senior Panel Counsel (GST) on behalf of all the four respondents, are before this Court. 2. With consent of learned counsel on both sides, the main writ petition itself is taken up, heard out and is being disposed of. 3. Considering the trajectory of hearing today, short facts shorn of elaboration, details and particulars will suffice. In this view of the matter, suffice to say ...
This petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India seeks a direction to Respondent No.1 – State of Maharashtra to honour its commitment to grant luxury tax exemption under the Luxury Tax Act, 1987 as is evident for the Eligibility and Entitlement Certificate dated 5 April 2017 for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2027. This by issuing a necessary notification so as to grant the Petitioner the benefit of luxury tax, which had been waived by the State of Maharashtra. This wai...


(Authority for Advance Ruling, Kerala | Jul 15, 2019)

The applicant is engaged in the business of sub leasing of office spaces as "co-working spaces" to their clients, The lease agreement between the applicant and landlord permit sub leasing and accordingly they obtain NOC from landlord for registering GST for the customers. The applicant provides dedicated land line number, fax number, high speed internet, air conditioning, housekeeping, pantry with drinking water, power back up, receptionist support, letter and postage handling and m...
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