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GST Library

By TaxReply

1.1 - About

GST Library is an online database developed, maintained and provided by TaxReply India Private Limited. GST Library has been designed specially for the Chartered Accountants, lawyers and tax practitioners to minimise their time to search for the data they are looking for. We assure that, you would find it useful and a necessary tool for GST updates.

1.2 - Benefits

1. Updated GST Act & Rules. (with all amendments). User can view the pre-amendment law and post-amendment law.
2. Every Notification / Circular is tagged with its relevant section / rule / form etc.
3. Amendment Tree of every Notification. User can view the prior revisions & further revisions for any notification.
4. Case Laws are tagged with relevant Section / Rule / Notification / HSN.
5. Multiple parameters to find the relevant data.
6. No need to carry Paper Act / Rule book.
7. Develope your personal library, by saving documents in favorites section for future reference with your personal note.
8. 24/7/365 access. Anytime, Anywhere, Any device.
9. No physical dongle required for access.

1.3 - Content Coverage

Currently, we provide below exclusive content. Other content may be added in future.
1. GST Notifications / Circulars / Press Releases / Orders etc issued by Central Government
2. GST Rates Ready Reckoner
3. Classification of Goods and Services
4. CGST Act
5. IGST Act
6. UTGST Act
7. GST (Compensation to States) Act
8. CGST Rules
9. IGST Rules
10. UTGST Rules
11. GST Forms
12. GST Input Output Set-off Calculator
13. GST Supreme Court Orders
14. GST Authority for Advance Ruling Orders
15. GST Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling Orders
16. GST National Anti-Profiteering Authority Orders
17. GST High Court Orders

1.4 - Pricing

We offer our subscription at attractive pricing. Please click below to view the prices.
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1.5 - Terms & Conditions

  ~   GST Library refers to online GST database developed, maintained and provided by TaxReply India Private Limited.
  ~   Content Coverage - Please refer para 1.3 above.
  ~   Life Time Subscription is valid for 20 years.
  ~   You agree to our Use Policy

1.6 - Refund Policy

The prices are non-refundable.

1.7 - Enquiries

  ~   Call us at 8130462634.
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