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14th May, 2018

As per the decision of the GST Council, e-Way Bill system for inter-State movement of goods has been rolled out from 01st April, 2018. As on 13th May, 2018, e-Way Bill system for intra-State movement of goods has been rolled out in the following States/ Union Territory

1) Andhra Pradesh,

2) Arunachal Pradesh,

3) Bihar,

4) Gujarat,

5) Haryana,

6) Himachal Pradesh,

7) Jharkhand,

8) Karnataka,

9) Kerala,

10) Madhya Pradesh,

11) Meghalaya,

12) Nagaland,

13) Sikkim,

14) Telangana,

15) Tripura,

16) Uttarakhand,

17) Uttar Pradesh and

18) Puducherry.

It is hereby informed that e-Way Bill system for intra-State movement of goods would be implemented in below states with respective dates.

19) Assam from 16th May, 2018 and 

20) Rajasthan from 20th May, 2018.


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Published by


on May 14, 2018


Is eway bill mandatory for goods sold within delhi ?
By: Raj Shukla | Dt: May 17, 2018

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