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TaxReply India Pvt Ltd.
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Serious lag in integration of GSTN and MCA Portal.

Application for GST registration applied through MCA is pending for last two months. MCA and GSTN both are blaming each other for delay.

When TaxReply team contacted GSTN for cause of delay, we get the answer that GST Portal has not received any such application from MCA, so they simply advise us to contact MCA.

When we contacted MCA, they mentioned two posibilities of delay -

a) First, that GST Portal do not respond, when MCA tries to push data on their server.

b) Second, that GST Portal might have received the data but still showing status as 'Pending with MCA'.

MCA and GSTN both are blaming each other for the delay but neither of them is ready to take the responsibility and provide some solution. Not only solution, they are not even confirming any expected date by which problem would be resolved.

This service was started with an objective to give faster service to taxpayers but the same has ended up with unnecessary delay and follow up with two department for one application.  

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Aug 21, 2020


Finding difficulty in filing itc 04
By: Padma | Dt: Aug 21, 2020
Replied to Padma
What difficulty are you facing in ITC-04 ?
By: Taxreply | Dt: Aug 21, 2020
That is a typical way of Indian Government system. We have to bear it, if we want to be in India
By: Appa Rao Kella | Dt: Aug 22, 2020

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