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Tax Audit due date extension AY 2019-20


GST Council 37th Meeting Update


Corporate tax rates slashed to 22% for domestic companies and 15% for new domestic manufacturing companies and other fiscal reliefs


Fake Input and refund of IGST on exports - crackdown by DGGI and DRI


GST Council may Scrap GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C for FY 17-18 for small taxpayers upto 5 crore turnover


Changes in 36th GST Council Meeting held on 27th July 2019


CMP-08 due date for quarter April 2019 to June 2019 extended till 31st July 2019


Press Release restricting the last date for availing ITC for FY 2017-18 is illegal : Gujarat High Court


Budget 2019 Highlights - 05 July 2019


Transfer of GST amount from one head to other head (Form GST PMT - 09)


DGGST arrests one person for availing and passing fake ITC of Rs.16 Crore.


Notification issued to extend the date of blocking and unblocking on e-way bill facility to 21.08.2019.


Press Release of 35th GST Council Meeting held on 21st June 2019


Issues reported in filing Form GSTR 9C by the taxpayers : Advisory by Team GSTN


Issues reported in filing Form GSTR 9 by the taxpayers: Advisory by Team GSTN


New GST Return Transition Phase applicable from Oct 2019


Latest amendments in GST enacted on 07.03.2019


Recommendations of the 33rd GST Council meeting held on 24.02.2019


GSTR-3B due date for January 2019 has been extended upto 22.02.2019


New GST Input-Output Set off Rules w.e.f. 01.02.2019

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S.No. Form Name Description Relevant Rule Relevant Notifications / Circulars etc. Download Form
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Form GST APL-06 in word format

Form GST APL-06 in pdf

Cross-objections before the Appellate Tribunal under sub-section (5) of section 112

357 Form GST APL – 06 [See rule 110(2)] Cross-objections before the Appellate Tribunal under sub-section (5) of section 112 Sr. No. Particulars 1 AppealNo. - Date of filing - 2 GSTIN/ Temporary ID/UIN3 Name of the appellant4 Permanent address of the appellant5 Address for communication6 Order no. Date7. Designation and Address of the officer passing the order appealed against8. Date of communication of the order appealed against9. Name of the representative10. Details of the case under dispute(i) Brief issue of the case under dispute(ii) Description and classification of goods/ services in dispute(iii) Period of dispute(iv) Amount under dispute Central tax State/UT tax Integrated tax Cess a) Tax b) Interest c) Penalty d) Fees e) Other charges (specify) (v) Market value of seized goods11 State or Union Territory and the Commissionerate (Centre) in which the order or decision waspassed(Jurisdiction details)- 12 Date of receipt of notice of appeal or application filed with the Appellate Tribunal by the appellant or the Commissioner of State/Central tax/UT tax, as the 358 case may be13 Whether the decision or order appealed against involves any question relating to place of supply - Yes No 14 In case of cross-objections filed by a person other than the Commissioner of State/UT tax/Central tax (i) Name of the Adjudicating Authority(ii) Order Number and date of Order(iii) GSTIN/UIN/Temporary ID(iv) Amount involved: Head Tax Interest Penalty Refund Total Integrated tax Central tax State/UT tax Cess 15 Details of payment Head Tax Interest Penalty Refund Total Central tax State/UT tax Integrated tax Cess Total 359 16 In case of cross-objections filed by the Commissioner State/UT tax/Central tax: (i) Amount of tax demand dropped or reduced for the period ofdispute (ii) Amount of interest demand dropped or reduced for the period ofdispute (iii) Amount of refund sanctioned or allowed for the period ofdispute (iv) Whether no or lesser amount imposed as penalty TOTAL 17 Reliefs claimed in memorandum of cross -objections. 18 Grounds of Cross objection Verification I, the respondent, doherebydeclare that what is stated above is true to the best of my information andbelief. Verifiedtoday,the dayof 20… Place: Date: Name of the Applicant/ Officer: Designation/Status of Applicant/ officer:

Rule - 110