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Traders wing to organise Mahapanchayat on February 25 on stringent provisions of GST.

The trade wing associated with the Aam Aadmi Party is planning to organise a mega ‘Traders Mahapanchayat’ in the national capital on February 25. 

"Brijesh Goyal, who is the chairman of the Chamber of Trade and Industry (CTI), said a ‘Mahapanchayat’ of traders will be convened to protest against the stringent provisions of the Goods and Services Tax (GST)."

The CTI has also written a letter to Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in which important points have been mentioned.

A few members of the trade organisation and other traders have also called for ‘India trade off’ on February 26 and shutdown of all the trade in Delhi for a day as a form of protest, but a final decision on this is yet to be made.

In the letter to the Union finance minister, the CTI has said, “Filing the GST returns is not simple and returns are the backbone of any tax system. Like VAT, GST also operates on input and output. Then why GST returns are multiple and complex, while VAT returns were single and also simple?”

Source - NewsIndiaExpress

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Feb 23, 2021


By: Divya Kabadwal | Dt: Feb 23, 2021
This is good there won't be no misguidance and tax evasion not happen
By: Jayakumar | Dt: Feb 23, 2021
Complicated returns and frequent amendments in GST has made the life miserable for all CA and tax practitioners.

Traders and businessmen have been forced to shell out more and more amounts due to Govt GST policies....
By: Sudarshan Mehta | Dt: Feb 23, 2021
GST and Pandemic impact :

miserable life of businessmen and GST tax practitioners.
By: Sudarshan Mehta | Dt: Feb 23, 2021
Every amendment we can not trace in Govt Website also.
Every practitioner or Auditor should read and study at least one hour new amendments.
So many amendments are done even though all requirements to tax payers are not fulfilled.
So many provisions are very much crucial.
No work shops are not conducting with practioners and auditors by GST Council
By: Sankar | Dt: Feb 23, 2021

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