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Classification of Goods and Services

Chapter 22


Beverages, spirits and vinegar


1. This Chapter does not cover:

(a) products of this Chapter (other than those of heading 2209) prepared for culinary purposes and thereby rendered unsuitable for consumption as beverages (generally heading 2103);

(b) sea water (heading 2501);

(c) distilled or conductivity water or water of similar purity (heading 2853);

(d) acetic acid of concentration exceeding 10 % by weight of acetic acid (heading 2915);

(e) medicaments of heading 3003 or 3004; or

(f) perfumery or toilet preparations (Chapter 33).

2. For the purposes of this Chapter and of Chapters 20 and 21, the "alcoholic strength by volume" shall be determined at a temperature of 20° C.

3. For the purposes of heading 2202, the term "non-alcoholic beverages" means beverages of an alcoholic strength by volume not exceeding 0.5 % vol. Alcoholic beverages are classified in headings 2203 to 2206 or heading 2208 as appropriate.


For the purposes of sub-heading 2204 10, the expression "sparkling wine" means wine which, when kept at a temperature of 20°C in closed containers, has an excess pressure of not less than 3 bars.