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Dear Member,

As committed by us in the previous email, today we are describing below the procedure to file your TDS Return at Income Tax Website for free.

Step 1) Go to Income Tax website


Step 2) Click " Register Yourself " button.

Step 3) Select " Tax Deductor and Collector"  option and click continue.

Step 4) Enter your TAN click continue.

Step 5) Click on Traces link provided on the next screen.

Step 6) You will be automatically re-directed to the TRACES website.

Step 7) If your TAN is already registered on TRACES, then login into the website. OR if your TAN is not yet registered on TRACES, then first you have to register it and login the same.

Step 8) After Login into TRACES, click the link " Register with E-Filing ".

Step 9) You will redirected to E-filing TAN Registration Page.

Step 10) Fill out the complete Form and Submit..................


Click to download one time Registration Procedure.

Click to download TDS Return upload Procedure


Points to remember to avoid error in the Digital signature upload :-

1) Signature file generated by ITD utility is valid only for one transaction. So a new signature file has to be generated every time for TDS return upload.
2) First of all, you have to generate digital signature file using the ITD utility tab " Register / Reset Password using DSC ". Update this file into the Profile section -> Register DSC on the ITD portal. This is one time process only.

3) Then you have to generate signature file using the ITD utility tab " Bulk Upload " and use this signature file for uploading TDS return.

4) Further, Pl note that ITD portal & ITD utility does not accept .fvu file directly, so you have to convert the same into .zip file and then upload. ZIP utility is easily available on the internet for free. 

If you still face any error, please feel free to write us.
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May 6, 2016


How to generate .fvu zip file and on which verson of zip fiel as i have try winzip its generate the zip file but not uploaded in ITD filing site, its pop up invalid zip file
By: Jayram | Dt: May 9, 2018
having error while filing TDS return that "Invalid ZIP file. Please Upload a Zip file Containing only one .fvu file
By: Ashish Bohra | Dt: Dec 21, 2019
having error while filing TDS return that "Invalid ZIP file. Please Upload a Zip file Containing only one .fvu file
By: Shilpa | Dt: Apr 15, 2020
having error while filing TDS return that "Invalid ZIP file. Please Upload a Zip file Containing only one .fvu file
By: Basavaraju | Dt: Jul 18, 2020
i also generated zip file but in error showing ''invalid zip file. plesase upload a zip file containing only one. fvu file.'' please help me sir
By: Kailash Chandra | Dt: Jul 19, 2020

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